• The Water

    Canada Geese, the natural mineral water from Nova Scotia, Canada, is a healthy and refreshing beverage with natural minerals. This gently sparkling water with a balanced and harmonious taste is perfect as a thirst-quencher or as a companion to food.

    Canada Geese is available in resealable 0.75 l and 0.33 l glass bottles.
  • Origin

    Nova Scotia is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is Canada's easternmost province. It offers a fascinating and pristine slice of nature whose roots go back to a time more than 1.2 billion years ago, when enormous rock formations were shifted and folded, weathered by wind and water and rearranged again and again. As this process went on, water was sealed in stone deep beneath the Earth’s surface, protecting its purity for millions of years. A mineral water that gives Canada Geese its primal character and outstanding quality.

  • A devoted denizen

    The Canada goose is to Nova Scotia as the kangaroo is to Australia – it is the ambassador of an entire region. The goose comes from Nova Scotia and likes it here. Even in winter, when its shivering relatives come down from the north for a visit. Nova Scotia's Canada goose, however, doesn't go on long trips. It rarely goes on trips of more than five kilometres. And why should it!? The goose has everything it needs right here, especially water. The Canada goose loves large lakes, but loves water even more – and especially the plants that live beneath the surface. But the goose loves its partner the most. The Canada goose is not only devoted to its country's waters, but also to its gander – their relationship lasts longer than most marriages.

  • As beautiful as Scotland

    It all just came together: The climate was mild, the land fertile and there was more than enough water to spare. No wonder, the people who settled here absolutely insisted on staying. However, this little piece of paradise still needed a name. The discussions must have dragged on for days without reaching a solution. Then someone got inspired: “It actually kind of looks like Scotland. It has green hills, gorgeous lakes and the great Atlantic Ocean laps its shores.” Everyone thought that sounded good. Especially all of the Scottish settlers' descendants. But because “New Scotland” sounded a little unimaginative, the local Latin teacher chimed in and suggested calling it “Nova Scotia”. That must be how it happened. Or something like that.

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